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to find out how much you save! ... compared to 6%

On average our clients pay 1% for one of our full-service Brokers and 2.5% to the buying brokerage.

If Your Home Is Worth $125,000
You Save $3,125

Why List at 6%?

Discover how much you can save with a Discount Broker.


Discount Real Estate Brokers

In short, to build our discount real estate brokerage model we opted to leverage technology over antiquated real estate processes and extinct marketing techniques which are widely used by real estate agents.

We are an extremely efficiently run discount real estate brokerage that has successfully cut unnecessary overhead while increasing marketing exposure for our clients.

Through all of these structural improvements to the traditional real estate brokerage model, we are able to offer you complete, full service real estate services for only 1% commission on the listing side and can sell it for as little as 3% TOTAL commission.

"We listed our house on a Thursday and by Sunday we had two formal offers and a third that was interested if the others fell through. This company will continue to disrupt the Realtor space in a very positive way. We couldn't be more impressed and satisfied."
-Tyler Gugliuzza


Sell Your Home For Less

As your Full Service Discount Real Estate Brokerage we handle your entire transaction that means all paperwork, negotiations, appraisals, inspections, managing showings, sign in the yard, and MLS lockbox on the door. We do it ALL for only 1% !


Search Homes For Sale in Multiple Markets

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet your needs is a significant and often stressful time. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are experts in the area, and once we learn what it is that you're looking for, finding your dream home is simple.

Save Thousands

Listing Your Home With 1% Lists

One Percent Lists lets you save thousands of dollars selling your home by eliminating the older marketing strategies and implementing cutting edge marketing for real estate which are less effective and maximizing modern marketing strategies all without losing the benefit of having an ACTIVE REALTOR in your corner.


Saved to date for our clients

"BJ is extremely knowledgeable on current market conditions and is highly effective at steering her clients in a proper direction. The COVID-19 Pandemic didn't phase her and her knowledge on the market set me at ease when I began to worry. Knowledge is power and BJ has that! I highly recommend her if you are looking to list or sell a property."

"I am a first time homebuyer and BJ walked me through every step. She told me what to anticipate, pointed out long term potentials (positive and negative) for each house we looked at, listened to what I said I was looking for, and coached me through negotiations with the sellers. BJ managed to find me a home that exceeded my expectations all while keeping my budget, location, and Flood Zones in mind. She has continued to check in on me even after we completed the closing. I felt like She was truly looking out for my best interests through the entire process. BJ was recommended to me and I highly recommend her as well."

"We found BJ Morris when we came to look at the house we ultimately purchased. She was so patient and represented her client so well, that we listed our house with her also. Because she is also an appraiser, she was able to give us comps that helped us decide and receive more for our home than we expected. The photographer she selected did a fabulous job of presenting our home in the best light which generated many appointments to show the house. She walked us through each aspect of the transactions, treating us like she would treat her parents. If you look up the word "patience" in the dictionary, you will see a picture of BJ Morris"

"BJ is absolutely amazing! I am a real estate investor, so a great agent is crucial to my business. I’ve worked with numerous agents and can honestly say BJ is as good as they come! She goes above and beyond to help me determine the listing prices on my houses and keeps me up to date throughout the entire listing process. She measures square footage (I’ve been off almost every time), sends me weekly reports on anything that’s sold nearby so she can analyze if a price drop is needed or if we should stand firm at our list price, she has talked me off the ledge from doing a price drop and saved me thousands, and is really there to ease your mind or answer any questions throughout the entire process- just to name a few reasons why she’s the best! We absolutely love BJ and would recommend her time and time again! Only complaint I have is that there aren’t more of her."



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Many people embarking on selling their home do not fully understand how real estate commissions work. When selling your home, a commission is agreed upon by the seller and the listing agent The commission is referred to as a percentage of the final sales price. In many instances, but not always, the agreed upon commission is split between the listing agent and the selling agent. This is a crucial aspect of getting your home sold and for top dollar.

If the offer of commission on a property (to agent representing the buyer) is far below the 'going rate', many agents with ready and willing buyers may skip your property when showing houses. This is why many other discount real estate

brokers or flat fee brokers fall short They do not offer a competitive commission to the agent that brings the buyer.

With 1 Percent Lists version of a Discount Real Estate Broker, as the listing broker, we take only 1% of the sales price to list and market the home, while offering a competitive commission to the buyers agent - all the while, providing the same real estate services as a full service brokerage. Because our sellers are saving thousands of dollars by only paying 1 Percent Lists 1% of the sales price, they can offer their home at a lower sales price, offer a bonus to the buyers agent or simply pocket that money as wei deserved equity.